There are more than 20 million orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children in India. Sadly, that number keeps increasing, while there are far too few orphanages to care for even a small percentage of those that need a safe place to grow up.  Open Arms currently is caring for hundreds of children in our  homes, but there are always more and more needing loving care, food,  shelter, education and opportunities for a brighter future.

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Our children’s homes have always been filled with hundreds of children who have no one and no place to be. They are children whose parents have died, or they’ve been abandoned, or they’ve been rescued from trafficking. Each child has faced tremendous loss and heartache.  In our homes, they can heal in body and spirit as they receive safe shelter, excellent food, loving caregivers, outstanding healthcare and a fine education.  Each child  arrives wounded but grows up whole and able to be a successful, productive adult.


Each child in Open Arms’ care needs someone  to assure his or her basic needs until the child is able to provide for him/herself.  At any given time, there are many  children awaiting help. Unlike most other programs that provide only schooling to children who have parents and homes, Open Arms’ must provide everything for the child: shelter, care,  food, education, medical attention, clothing, school fees and supplies.