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Widows suffering terribly

The Covid-19 lockdowns in India have led to huge loss of work, leaving people who have nothing totally destitute. Unlike in the west, there are no safety nets. In April, we were able to raise funds and provide a two-week supply of food to families in India who had been identified and verified as truly in great need.  But that was three months ago.  Things are no better now - worse actually! We hope to help 250 widows who have been identified as especially vulnerable. 


The Covid pandemic has brought unimaginable hardship to the poorest of the poor on the planet.  We were able to make a huge difference for hundreds of families to whom we provided food in April.  Now, almost three months later, conditions in India have only worsened. So many are jobless and without means to buy food that it’s expected 10 to 15 Million will die of starvation.  This seems unfathomable to us who live comfortably and complain about the relatively small  inconveniences we’ve  suffered.

The need:

This is the story of Sanai Harijan a resident of Rampaly, Odisha, India. She is a widow about 62. She lost her husband due to Tuberculosis, 25 years ago. She had one son who was mentally challenged for years, and he too died. Sorrow after sorrow stole her mental and emotional peace leading her to become unstable. Sometimes she would remember all her pain and would cry for hours. As years passed by she became deaf. She lives in a very small hut, its roof barely covered with straw. As you can imagine, this is a challenge during the intense heat and rainy season. For women like Sanai, it’s a matter of life and death.  She and many widows have lived largely by begging, but now that is gone because no one has anything  to share.

Our appeal:

One of our partners in India has has asked us if we can help 250 of the most destitute widows by supplying  each with food for 45-60 days.  Let’s give these 250 women food security for at least that period of time – and ideally keep doing it going forward.  The cost is an amazing $15 to provide each lady with rice, lentils, oil, soy, sugar, onion, potato, soap and even a packet of cookies. I cannot think of a greater privilege and joy than being able to give a very poor widow sustenance for almost 2 months for less than the cost of meal out or a pizza. I’m signing up for 8. Let’s see if we can assure each of the 250 with food for two months.

Will you help?

Sanai is awaiting for someone who would come and show love and take care of her by providing food for her survival. Your support will give Sanai a ray of hope in her life and joy will shine on her face once again in old age. Please give at our Support Us Page.

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